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Component description:

This Flash component allows you to place text along one of pre-defined curves.
Unlike similar tools in programs as Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Freehand, it allows doing this dynamically, e.g. as a movie is playing.
Text along the curve (circle, ellipse, wave and so on) is broadly used by designers to create artistic effects.

Can be used as a component in Flash MX 2004 or later.
Resulting movie requires Flash Player 7 or later.

New in version 1.6 (see samples 6 and 7): Main features: You can also dynamically:
- Change text to be shown;
- Change text or curve's parameters
and then update the view using redraw() method.

Using Text2Curve in AS3 and/or Flex
Text2Curve AS3 (released in April, 2009) is a separate product.
If your project is in AS3 or Flex, consider purchasing it instead of AS2 version.
However, there are some workarounds to use AS2 SWFs in AS3 projects.
Google search for "flex as2 swf" is useful, as always.
Peter Ent has published a great article, Using ActionScript 2 SWFs with Flex 2 on how to do it with LocalConnection.

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The MXP package contains complete Help system with API documentation.

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